Wow, I am excited. I stumbled onto this Substack and specifically this article after seeing an April 28, 2023 article today (May 3, 2023) on Naomi Wolf. Let's say I may (or maybe not) partially disagree with your "limited hangout" approach to Ms. Wolf.

I have a Facebook friend I have only interacted with very sparingly that I met because of another friend, Bretigne Shaffer. (Sorry for the convoluted explanation). Bretigne is a daughter of Butler Shaffer, now deceased, who I respected in the small "l" libertarian world. In other words, the non-statist type as opposed to the political Libertarian.

I lived in Arizona for 30 years and have lived the last 6 in Cafayate, Argentina. I'd like to get more acquainted. I will be coming back to Arizona next month along with Analia, who I met nearly 5 years ago. Gracias, Jeff Greenlee / @JeffGreenlee18 - Twitter

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