Wow, I am excited. I stumbled onto this Substack and specifically this article after seeing an April 28, 2023 article today (May 3, 2023) on Naomi Wolf. Let's say I may (or maybe not) partially disagree with your "limited hangout" approach to Ms. Wolf.

I have a Facebook friend I have only interacted with very sparingly that I met because of another friend, Bretigne Shaffer. (Sorry for the convoluted explanation). Bretigne is a daughter of Butler Shaffer, now deceased, who I respected in the small "l" libertarian world. In other words, the non-statist type as opposed to the political Libertarian.

I lived in Arizona for 30 years and have lived the last 6 in Cafayate, Argentina. I'd like to get more acquainted. I will be coming back to Arizona next month along with Analia, who I met nearly 5 years ago. Gracias, Jeff Greenlee / @JeffGreenlee18 - Twitter

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Hi Jeff, Welcome aboard! I am in Memphis, TN, currently but hope to be back in Sedona this winter! I remember Butler's work on LewRockwell.com from years ago! I'll be at the Porcupine Freedom Festival in June if that is an option for you but it is selling out quick!

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I arrive in Phoenix at noon Wednesday, June 14th from Buenos Aires. I'll be mostly in Arizona for the next several months after the middle of June. You seem to get around a lot. Is New Hampshire home base? Let's keep in touch. I will send this as a reply to your fast reply so you can have my email address. JGoodplayer@yahoo.com

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