Good one, Etienne, you are carrying your name well.

Stay free and safe.

Btw, I do not think I have seen this meme on your offerings? To me it is perhaps the one best summary argument for Voluntaryism:

“Statism: the brilliant idea that we give a small group of people the right to kidnap, steal from, and kill us, so that we can be ‘protected’ from people who kidnap, steal from, and kill us.” Author Unknown (ghost of anti-Hobbes?)

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This is a multi generational issue also, building up in us. About 15 years ago I started really paying attention and that led me to the Weston A Price Foundation. I highly recommend this organization's research and writings.

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You either have to be able to trust something (government, agency, manufacturer, product, person, etc 100% or not at all. Once any of them cheat, lie or steal, they will do it again and again until caught or stopped and then still do it because the consequences do not matter to them. What better way to depopulate the planet in plain sight than provide poisoned food? Who really knows what is in any food and how it might affect health?

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