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Want some more fuel for the fire? Look into and dig deep into the US FATCA law, FBAR and Citizenship Based Taxation.

Here is the conclusion. My kids, born in Japan to a Japanese mother and Japanese citizens are none the less considered by the US as US citizens who owe tax and information returns to the US and, through FATCA, are having their accounts in banks in the homeland reported to the the homeland of their father, the US.

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It's all about the timing of the resistance, I think. I believe that this is the first time in my lifetime that we truly have an opportunity to be a bit free for a while ( I was born in 1972), and only because we are so oppressed now, that the hidden dissidents are being squeezed out of overpressurised containers, and we are seeing that we are not alone.

But then we find that everyone has different ideas/ experience - so which resistance will I join? Do I want to die NOW or LATER?

Isn't just surviving this human cycle the only realistic resistance anyone can hope for?

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Anyone living under any government of any kind is a slave.

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At times I begin to feel like it’s hopeless—that too many are just too enslaved, particularly our own family, friends and locals who become cops, soldiers and politicians, hired to beat down humanity without questioning their orders, or the system, or their elected officials and commanders—But then the great minds of the few Substack writers and other authors worldwide I LOVE, who “understand” reality as I do, keep me centered, reminding me my ongoing sacrifices and commitment to humanity is worth it. God, I Love Humanity and Life. I’ll NEVER abandon you, ever.✌🏽❤️🗽—jeff lubina

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I have a friend who stood in Senator Tillis's office last year and watched the staffer on the phone blowing off taxpayers and promising to pass their messages along to the Senator while writing NOTHING DOWN, taking NO INFORMATION, and going on to the next call to do the exact same thing. The lowest, least experienced (political science majors all) interns get stuck on the phones.

The Congressional Staffers need to be brought to task. We need to make their lives so miserable that they quit. If every caller rips them a new one, they will get PTSD and decide to go on another career path. If callers confront them with what they are doing, it should jack up their conscience if they have one. If they are budding psychopaths, maybe we can make them nervous enough to quit. My next call will start out, "Would you consider yourself a psychopathic person?"

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