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"If we wish to obtain our liberation and sovereignty from the enslavement imposed by the private bankers, we must dismantle ...their central banks, or we ourselves shall be destroyed and consigned to oblivion." ---Stephen Goodson 1948-2018 (p.6)

How we dismantle the satanic Central Banks by uniting and re-affirming our Freedom, Rights, Life, and our Creator, the basis of it all--without which we have no future and are doomed:


Unite with the Peace Planet Party Way so that we all are NO LONGER the perpetual victims of massive crimes against us and the Planet--while turning back money to its proper meaning and use--as simply a medium of exchange with no debt or usury attached to it with the result of great happiness, prosperity, sharing, and caring, EVERYWHERE --East-West-North-South.

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"The Creature from Jekyll Island", by G. Edward Griffin

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How do you know who in your Local, State and Federal governments are lying to you—who is working behind closed doors against the people’s will and rights—Republican, Democratic or Independent? The same way you should be judging all Conservative, Liberal or Moderate news producers, writers and editors: They will NEVER mention the Federal Reserve “as a negative” or ever question it’s validity, in spite of it’s obvious Monopolistic-Unconstitutionalities. When was the last time anyone, other than a few like James Corbett, ever questioned this “private company” —how a few “money-junkies” were allowed to meet in secret right after “they sunk the titanic” to write it’s own banking laws making the private Federal Reserve legally-illegal with sovereign writes and privileges by which elected officials can never question it’s function or accounting?

The first time I heard Greenspan speak in public telling Congress they have ‘no jurisdictional powers over the Federal Reserve’ I couldn’t believe it was real. I couldn’t believe who or why nobody from the financial press club or government questioned it. Nobody, just like what happening today with CBDC’s.

Most within the mainstream media, many independent journalists and government officials remain totally silent today—especially as these war-profiteers (World-Central Banks, IMF…cartels) ready the world for their manufactured “great reset” installing CBDC’s and micro mRNA operating systems right into human bodies. You, The People, should automatically know for a fact by now who is “bought” and who should not only be removed, but sanctioned, put on trial and imprisoned, some executed—if you use their own rules to determine who’s criminally-treasonous.

I struggle to find the words most of the time to describe how angry and terrified I am about the blind-acceptance of the sheeple all around me on this planet. It’s like all the CIA-created & manipulated television, movie and news productions combined; The Matrix, Severance, Solvent Green, AI, Blade Runner, Silo, Invasion of the Body Snatchers…plus a few humans like George Orwell who tried to warn us in books & movies like Animal Farm and 1984. I honestly don’t trust anyone anymore—which is exactly what they intended.

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