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I’ve been sounding off about the UK’s T4 Programme of “frailty scoring system” since I received two advanced directives by February 2020. By adding up scores of level of disabilities, years in bands over 60, plus each and every med condition the Covid leaders were able to declare that it was only ‘the frail’ that were dying. In reality, they were dying because their scores were above 5 (to end April 2020) then 8 and life saving treatments were withheld. This is still going on - the hidden from patient’s and families eyes - blanket DNARs.

What with the MAIDs Programme in Canada, and similar ones in many European countries - euthanasia is being extended to Mental illness.

One only needs to look at the similar euthanasia (refusal to revive IS the same), to purify blood in Germany to see it’s the same Programme and ideology.

What I only learnt since 2019, that the birthplace of such ideology as Eugenics was not begun in Germany. It was started in the UK with Darwinism.

And when you follow the family trees of Gates or Johnson and the usual suspects of Rockefeller, Kellog, Ford, you find their ancestors heavily involved in the promotion of Eugenics.

But I disagree that it differs from Malthusianism or Erlich or Council on Foreign relations’ Limits to growth. It’s always been about getting rid of the minions of untermensche that use up THEIR resources.

And yes, it would have been better had Peter’s informed us of The Population Council and Eugenics Societies of America that openly advocated ‘getting rid of the generations of imbeciles’. They included Slavics and Jews as well as ‘coloured’ races.

What we need is justice on bringing the financial controllers and the doctors, scientists, decision makers to trial. Fact is, Nuremberg let most of them off investigations so they could come to the west. And such as Bush and Rockefeller faced no repercussions for their involvements in Nazi investments and banking.

The jabs - The T4 frailty scoring system - the use of ventilators - Remdesivar- Midazalam - all are part of our Modern Eugenicists weapons.

The only way to save our future is if ALL the players are found guilty at an International court of justice. It’s a shame the present International court of criminal justice is compromised.

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Eugenics - the study of how to arrange reproduction within a human population to increase the occurrence of heritable characteristics regarded as desirable.

The definition says nothing about: mass murder

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Article states, " It is bringing the uncomfortable truth of vaccine-related deaths and adverse events into the light BUT ..."

That's all you need to read. The once safe AND effective vaccine is admittedly causing death, BUT they continue saying it's safe and effective in the media.

Which one do you believe? This article or the documentary?

Watch the cancer rates rise over the next 3 years. Remission no more. Previously healthy no more.

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a science that deals with the improvement of inherited qualities of a race or breed and especially of human beings

eugenics (genetics)

eugenics, the selection of desired heritable characteristics in order to improve future generations, typically in reference to humans.

Now, several people, highly intelligent and knowledgeable in the art and science of vocabulary have tried to shine their light on the subject with titles like this: Language is The Battlefield.

As I presently understand it, the word eugenics was originally defined, and pretty much still is like this: the selection of desired heritable characteristics in order to improve future generations, typically in reference to humans, specifically in the selection of parents; also known as good breeding.

Now in the modern world, as you have pointed out, it has acquired a negative connotation with references to mass murder by various means, unspeakable tortures, forced sterilization, and population dislocations.

These crimes are attributed to governments ostensibly operated in the best interests of The (hated) White Race against innocent (good) non white people innocently communing with their brothers and sisters in natures God given elysium.

In this spelling the (hated) Whites are forced by their own conscientiousness to either commit suicide (preferred) or to champion the (good) as atonement for a crime some (haters) claim never happened.

The Battlefield is Language

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Thanks for the value-add! You are correct that the battlefield is language! The eugenics definition you included seems to have left out the definition of "Negative Eugenics" which promotes desirable heritable characteristics by eliminating/murdering those viewed as having negative ones. I break down how the dictionary is used as a weapon in this article: https://artofliberty.substack.com/p/why-the-organized-crime-media-misrepresents

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I am not splitting hairs.

At its root, the very word eugenics means: good genes.

Eugenics has nothing to do with murdering anyone just because they happen to be defective in mind, body or spirit. There is no such thing as negative eugenics. It does not exist except in the colonized minds of those who never thought about it. Unless of course you are referring to those who are brought to life, fed, housed, medicated, schooled, incarcerated for moral turpitude, and provided for in hundreds if not thousands of other ways in spite of the fact that objective observers would class them as retro grades.

I bought onto your substack because you presented your self as looking for solutions.

I suggest that you stop using eugenics as a cuss word. It wins you no friends. And anyone who is so stupid as to deny policies and assistance to those who would like to take what advantages are available to those who would like to practice eugenics is stupid beyond comprehension.

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Before you claim that negative eugenics doesn't exist I suggest you check out our monograph: Solving Covid - The Covid 19 Vaccine Drug Scam Timeline at https://artofliberty.substack.com/p/solving-covid-the-covid-19-eugenics and its companion article: The Covid 19 Suspects and Their Ties to Eugenics and Population Control/Reduction at https://artofliberty.substack.com/p/the-covid-19-suspects-and-their-ties to understand who is behind "The Covid"

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No matter what kind of dress, body language or lipstick you put on it, the word "eugenics" is not a synonym for "genocide and premeditated murder".

In order to use it in that vein you must place the word (WHICH REPRESENTS THE CONCEPT) "negative" before it. In your own example above you twice failed to do so.


In another example of profligacy and negative eugenics, the 18 member County Board of Supervisors allocated another $3 billion of taxpayer revenue for the care of severely deformed, brain damaged, dope addicted crack babies and their mothers.

Your failure to use the english language correctly shows that:

1. you are probably too naive to be successful in helping to promote an awakening of humanity in time to maintain ourselves as Human Beings


2. you are consciously not promoting a political world for human beings made in the image of God.

Thanks for the heads up.

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Well done! Half-truthers are more frustrating than the outright liars!

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Thank you very much. This is how the game is played at a higher level than most people understand. I didn't invent it, but "question everything" is the only way not to be fooled by gatekeepers and the like. Don't just latch on to one person hook, line, and sinker. This is information warfare, and bad guys put on good guy uniforms to fool the public.

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