Having since my teens not trusted government , and felt that most 'laws' should be 'unlawful', such as having to have a passport in order to be able to travel the planet on which I live, to name but one; it amazes me how easy it appears to be, to convince people that having a government is the only way to have a safe life, even though so many who believe this also do not trust government, but see no other way of ensuring that people behave well. That is one of the biggest fears people have when confronted by the concept of no government. Which is why it appears very necessary to encourage people to form groups, NOT online, but in real life, to ensure that at the grass roots level (where one lives) there will be the strength to easily overcome small local bad behaviours which are bound to occur given how 'legally' tied down so many people must feel, and come a change, ( as a result of defunding the police, more theft, food shortages or any other discomfort which may arise) we have the means to keep each other safe. Even if such support structures quickly come into being, which they appear to be doing, we will still have to contend with how low those with financial and physical power will be willing to go. They have already sunk so far down it is hardly credible, but real nonetheless...just look at the wars fermented and still ongoing, to mention but one evil; we KNOW there are many more being perpetrated in the name of Democracy, de-seating dictators, or whichever other title they wish to name their latest profitable travesties, we have to find solutions to these threats also...saying NO to the chicaneries in which we see our governments involve themselves: NO to more wars, jab passports, NO to WHO amendments, the proposed PPPT (both these latter two the lowest possible rubbish) NO to15 min. cities ( if desired by the inhabitants, then fine, but if imposed from above, without real need then NO!). No to 5G being implemented without due safety research at the behest of 'Stakeholders': Companies drooling to make massive profits from this rollout, governments seeing ways of controlling people more efficiently via digital ID's and the hoped for CBDC's made easily possible by 5G (and we don't even know for sure all the physical ills that will, and are already befalling life on earth with increased Micro-Waves, we are electro-magnetic, chemical beings and react to changes around us). WE have to rub the noses of those obeying without thinking, into realising exactly how nasty is the morass into which we may all end up if attention is not paid. Thankfully, this appears to already be taking place in the physical not only online. Onwards and upwards, not downwards.

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